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Centre for Apprenticeships was inspired by the lack of government understanding in the real-world application of the user journey,  founder, Tony Wittridge noticed there was no straightforward way of employers or training providers promoting their apprenticeship roles to potential learners, looking at the market there is the National Apprenticeship Scheme developed by the government which is both uninspiring and difficult to navigate. Alternatively, we have individual training provider website that just highlighted their own offer, there was nowhere that delivered every apprenticeship opportunity regardless of provider, employer or location.

“At the Centre For Apprenticeships we believe there is a better way, a way that connects the Employer, Training Provider and most importantly the potential Apprentice on an up to the minute, intuitive, platform. By focusing on the user journey, we offer our users a bespoke approach to their individual apprenticeship search, with over 15,000 (Pre Covid 19) live apprenticeship jobs daily, apprentices can filter the search results by distance, salary, employer or even keyword.”