Five key things to know about a legal apprenticeship from The Law Apprenticeships Guide

  1. You don’t need a university degree: you progress straight from your GCSEs or A levels to your apprenticeship.
  2. You earn while you learn: you receive a salary while working as an apprentice, at the same time as studying.
  3. You can apply for an apprenticeship via LawCareers.Net: we have a comprehensive and searchable jobs board in ‘The Law Apprenticeships Guide’ section of
  4. You can work in a law firm, private company or local government: many different types of organisation take on legal apprentices.
  5. You will qualify as a legal executive, paralegal or solicitor: having completed the necessary requirements in terms of study and work, you will qualify as one of the above.

Download the full guide here: The Law Apprenticeship Guide 2019