Have you considered an apprenticeship but not sure where to start? Concerned about your age? Or worried about the pay?

In association with the Baytree Centre, Brentwood Borough Council, and leading training providers such as Havering College, we opened a Pop-Up Shop in Brentwood High Street for the entire National Apprenticeship Week, from the 4th–9th of March.

The shop hosted businesses of all sizes, colleges, and private training providers, along with current apprentices the public could talk to.

With over 13,000 live listings on our website, employers and training providers on site throughout the week for the public and potential apprentices to talk to, there was plenty of expertise and knowledge available to walk you through the process, from beginning to end.

Laurie Edmonds, the Senior Economic Development Officer at Brentwood Borough Council, worked closely with us throughout the entire week. She said:

“Centre for Apprenticeships did an excellent job of organising Brentwood’s National Apprenticeship Week Pop-Up Shop. From scoping the project’s KPIs to securing guest speakers to co-ordinating apprenticeship providers, CFA managed the event professionally from start to finish.

The networking events held throughout the week provided an excellent opportunity for local businesses to engage with providers and to learn more about the benefits of apprenticeships.”

We are grateful for the support provided by Brentwood Council, and the Baytree Centre in Brentwood, and hope to work with them again.

Throughout the week we focused on different industries and partnered with training providers and businesses to help introduce potential apprentices to the options available to them.

Havering College was with us every day, walking people through our website and helping them find their dream job and apprenticeship. Other training providers that partnered with us throughout the week include Creative Cultural Skills, Anglia Ruskin University, ACL Essex, and the NHS, and Alim Jalloh, apprenticeship ambassador and social media executive at channel 4, also supported our shop and came in on the Friday to give a presentation and talk to other potential apprentices about his experience.

Robert West, Programme Director of Creative & Cultural Skills, spoke on Thursday 7th, talking about the apprenticeship opportunities and routes within the creative industries. He said:

“I was pleased to have been part of the Centre For Apprenticeship Pop-Up shop in the Baytree Shopping Centre, Brentwood as part of Apprenticeships Week this year.

Creative & Cultural Skills support and enable the creation of jobs that give access to the creative industries. Events such as this are important opportunities to shine a light on the work that providers such as Havering College are doing to promote apprenticeships in the creative sector”

Alim Jalloh visited our shop on the Friday 8th and gave an inspiring presentation on his journey and success through taking an apprenticeship. He said:

“Apprenticeships open doors people would usually find closed. Apprenticeships are the gateway to getting on the career ladder. Young people looking to start one might be intrigued by the debt free future, whilst earning a decent salary, but apprenticeships are so much more than that. They give young people the individual attention which will rapidly aid their development and education that they might not have experienced.”

Tim Stone, a 30+ apprentice, spoke on the Saturday, and the turnout was great. A lot of people came back to the shop to learn more about what he had to say and his experience as a “mature” apprentice.

Overall the event was a huge success for everyone involved. There was a lot of information available on how apprenticeships are beneficial for businesses as they promote loyalty to the company and give young people a chance to forge their own career paths, and with the addition of apprentices being at the shop, members of the public could easily learn what it’s like to be an apprentice from real people with real experiences.

We hope to run more events as successful as this in the near future with more partners, businesses and training providers. Break the mould, choose apprenticeships.



If you would like an Apprenticeship Pop-Up Shop in your
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