Fire It Up – The New Apprenticeships Campaign

The new campaign starts on Thursday 17th January 2019 and aims to inspire and excite key groups and influencers about apprenticeships.

For employers, it will be a rallying cry to offer an apprenticeship. For potential apprentices, it will be a rallying cry to ‘Fire It Up’ and ‘Blaze Your Own Career Trail’.

The materials in this pack have been prepared to give you information and guidance on the campaign so you can amplify it through your own channels and networks.

Outlined below are detail os how you  could join in, and ensure your organisation is applauded for your commitment to apprenticeships.

1. Digital movement

Together, we would like to spark a digital movement. You can help us by firing up your networks – in the campaign assets available you will be provided with an image that apprentices (and anyone else) can upload to their Instagram account. The image is designed with the outline of a heart in the middle, that is crackling with electricity
– in line with the ‘Fire It Up’ campaign theme. When one of their followers – intrigued by the crackle – ‘likes’ the image (via the heart button), a white heart will appear to fill in that electric space. Our aim is to create an interactive, engaging way for people to show their support for apprenticeships and drive social conversations amongst the apprenticeship community, with energy and impact that supports the wider campaign.

Please do encourage the apprentices in your network to get involved! Some instructions you can share with them are below,
to make it easy! You’ll need to download the heart image to send to them, to accompany these instructions.

2. Tell your story

This launch is a great moment to tell your story and showcase the benefits of apprenticeships as you see them – via your website, newsletters and social media channels. We’ve provided some sample social media posts and images as a starting point, but feel free to prepare your own content, that tells your own story as an organisation. What do apprenticeships mean for you? What benefits have apprentices brought to your business?

Other ideas to consider include:

• A video or Facebook live with your CEO or HR director. Perhaps being interviewed about your apprenticeship programme by one of your apprentices

• A quote card using the template provided, with a statement that sums up what apprenticeships mean for your organisation

• A blog piece or article for your website on why you support apprenticeships. This could also be a piece from one of your apprentices, discussing their experience


The Campaign Idea

The aim of this campaign is to make people aware of the changes to apprenticeships and the benefits to individuals and businesses.

We need to overhaul the perception of apprenticeships, to position them as world class.

Apprentices follow their passions. Apprenticeships are for those who have the spirit to blaze their own trail. This strategy is what led to the creative idea: Fire It Up.

We want to inspire and excite both potential apprentices and employers by showing that apprentices have a natural energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone around them.

This energy is being creatively visualised with electricity.

The electrical spark links all assets of the campaign together giving it a distinctive look and feel.


For the Apprentice


What gets you fired up? I’m proud to be supporting the government’s new apprenticeships campaign that launches today
– take a look here: This is all about showcasing people like me across the country and the difference we make to our workplace.


I’m proud of what I’ve achieved as an #apprentice and excited to be supporting the government’s new ‘FireItUp’ campaign, launching today! Check it out: Let’s #FireItUp


Proud to be flying the flag for apprenticeships and supporting
the launch of the government’s new campaign, showcasing the range of opportunities available to everyone – from school leavers to re-trainers! Take a look at the opportunities on offer:



For the Employer


We are delighted to be supporting the launch of the government’s new apprenticeship campaign – shining a spotlight on the fantastic apprentices up and down the country, and the significant value they bring to businesses. Take a look at the website to learn more: www.


83% of #apprenticeship employers would recommend #apprentices to other businesses* – including us! Take a look at the new website here: #FireItUp


Today is the launch of the government’s Fire It Up campaign – help us shout about the great work that #apprentices are doing across the country. Whether you’re a school leaver, degree apprentice, re-trainer – thank you for your contribution! You can read more about the campaign stars and their experiences here: www.


We are proud of all our #apprentices and are delighted to support the government’s new campaign, launching today – you can find the website, with more information on how you can benefit from hiring #apprentices here: #FireItUp

I’m proud to be an #apprentice and excited to fly the flag for #apprenticeships by supporting the government’s new campaign – take a look at the website to see how you could get involved: #FireItUp

Please feel free to download the images below by right-clicking and chosing ‘save image as’.